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Ace of Swords Cover Reveal


I hope you are well and staying safe out there. I just want to showcase the cover for Ace of Swords, the second book in the Astor Steele New Adult Vampire Swords Series. I love it. Let me know what you think. It is released next week on the 20th May under my Wild Girl Publishing partnership with Blushing Books Publishing. It will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Check out an excerpt below.

‘He whispers your name,’ he told me angrily with an expression on his face that closely resembled disgust. My heart sank. ‘He will not cease his torment inside my mind,’ Nathan continued. ‘What is it that he sees in you? It is more than your obvious beauty. I do not understand but when I look at you I feel this sickness and weakness as he does. It is the only thing that stops me from killing you this instant. I was grateful you jumped from the hill so I did not have to kill you. I need you to explain this sickness,’ for a moment he sounded desperate, helpless.

My eyes widened in surprise. The demon talked of the human inside himself.

‘You are two halves of one whole. Drusilla has simply separated you and allowed you to flourish above your human side. Neither of you can function without the other. You were made for me, Nathan both the human and vampire inside you. The witch has never understood that. She sees only your destruction and what that can accomplish for her as a vampire. She is too angry, too blind to realise that your need for me cannot be separated from either part of you, nor my love for you from me, even if you end my life. We are meant to be together and not even the witch can stop that from being,’ I whispered.

He was leaning in close to my face again, his lips brushing against my cheek with the touch of a feather this time.

I felt him grip my hair and pull it painfully, forcing my head to lift backwards and my throat to be exposed. He pressed his lips to my neck and sniffed. His lips smiled with approval. Then I felt the tingling graze of his teeth against my vulnerable skin. The blood in my veins began to pump excitedly. I fought to keep my wits about me. I could not let him initiate the mating ritual before he had fought the challenges otherwise we could never be together in peace. I moved restlessly fighting the desire that threatened to carry me away. Nathan responded by tightening his hold on my body until I could no longer move.

His breath blew across my ear raising a pleasurable shiver across my body.

‘I should kill you. It is what she wants. But I want you just as much as he needs you. And I don’t want either of them to have you. I want to possess you myself.’

‘No . . . I need you to be whole again. I won’t let you take me . . .’

The graze and gentle press of his teeth into my skin without breaking the surface silenced my protests. But after a moment I regained my composure.

‘You have no choice. You cannot fight me,’ he told me.

‘You are not Gabriel. You won’t force me. I know you won’t.’

‘But you don’t appear to need to be forced,’ he grinned.

I opened my mouth to offer some futile rebuke when I felt a sharp stinging pain to my side. I quickly looked sideways and down to find a dagger protruding from my side. Camille was backing away from me, disgust mingling with her tears.

‘He told me to stop you. Gabriel knew you would fall. The bond is too strong. How could you hurt Gabriel? He only seeks to protect you. You are not worthy of his love,’ she sobbed with hysteria.

My body began to slump against the wall. I was too weak to recover quickly from my fall into the loch. Nathan held me up. He looked down at the dagger with disdain and reached to harshly pull it from my side. I screamed in agony. Now he turned to look upon Camille with darkly narrowed eyes.

‘No please, don’t hurt her. She doesn’t understand . . .’ I begged.

A low growl of anger came from Nathan’s lips. My eyes were blurring with loss of blood but I heard a strangled yelp from Camille and the loud noise of her body falling to the ground in a faint.

‘Nathan, we must hurry. The train is about to pull into the next station and we must be gone,’ I recognised Jason’s voice.

There was the sound of more footsteps and I grew afraid. If Nathan had not decided to kill me yet perhaps one of my other knights may complete the task. But Nathan was to act quickly. To my surprise he ignored Jason and the others and pulled me back into the compartment. With his mind he opened the door leading out.

A flurry of wind and snowflakes whistled through the compartment and blew against my face. Nathan scooped my injured form up into his arms and without further hesitation he jumped from the moving train carrying me with him.

If you haven't read the first book, Knight of Swords and want to catch up before the release of Ace of Swords and the third book in the trilogy, Empress of Swords, you can download it from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

I will be sending out a new newsletter very soon and my next post will be talking about the new Arabella Kingsley and Astor steele books that will be appearing on the book app, Readict.

In the meantime, take care and keep staying safe:)

Happy Reading!


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