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London Underground

Ever wondered what London would look if the sun died and it had to go underground so everyone could survive? What form would it take? In the first book in the Dead Sun series seventeen year old Clara Driscoll and Carter Grayson find out first hand. They cross a time dimension from 1987 into the 26th century when the sun has died and the earth is drifting through space without light. They find humans have evolved and are now living in cities across the world underground. London is a dystopian gothic representation of itself underground lit by moonlight for the inhabitants who have never known the sun. Despite being deep under the Earth, the city is not completely unrecognisable with many of its original features represented. It is comprised of many levels you can descend to by a lift which is used rather like the London Underground tube system.

And what about these evolved humans? Well, strands of their DNA have evolved to help them cope with the extreme cold caused by the missing sun changing them into living vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies and so many variations it is impossible to count them. Many have been lucky in their evolution and others have not. They attempt to live in harmony in the city although others have been barred from its safety and live outside in the frozen destroyed waste of the London we recognise today. Londinium as it is now called, is not without its enemies which do not only come from the Earth but from the stars themselves..

Londinium is a complex Steampunk, gothic, dystopian even cyber world in which Clara and Carter find themselves trapped looking for Carter's sister and other girls who have been kidnapped from their time and taken to Londinium. It is also here, Clara will fall in love for the first time and discover her true identity whilst negotiating enemies who want to use her for their own needs and a suspicious alluring handsome ally in the form of Lord Phraeon.

Lady of Londinium is currently with my agent and interested publisher at present. If you are a publisher and would like to learn more, please contact me at sara.curranross@gmail.com. In the meantime read a short blurb for the story below.

1987. Clever pretty seventeen-year-old Empath Clara Driscoll has been seeing visitors from other dimensions all of her life and has been bullied because of it. Moving North she attends Ravenshead Private School in the beautiful Lake District to continue her A-level studies where several girls have gone missing without a trace. Before Clara can use her gift to find them with the help of her new friend handsome American, Carter Grayson, whose sister is one of the missing, she is attacked by a group of flesh eating creatures. A gorgeous Dystopian Vampire with long blonde hair, Darius Constantine rescues her and takes her back to his own world, London of the future on an Earth without a sun in darkness, drifting in space.

Londinium is a vast rich colourful layered futuristic Victorian underground city complete with buildings, sky and even a beach without sunlight. Here mutated humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Angel and Demon forms and more live. With the help of Darius and Carter, it is here, Clara searches for the girls who have been sold to Vampires for pure blood and Monks with a terrorist agenda whilst discovering it may not be the first time she has visited Londinium.

But Vampires, zombie flesh eaters, cyborgs and sword wielding Monks aren’t the only hazard. Clara finds herself the object of fascination for the Emperor’s attractive alluring dangerous son, Octavius alongside Darius and Carter, all ready to compete for the new Lady of Londinium’s hand.

In the next few posts I will be discussing the various characters in the story and including some character interviews.

Until then, comment below and let me know what kind of evolved human would you be if you resided in Londinium. A Vampire, Werewolf or something else? Use your imagination and let me know. :)

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