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Time Traveller

Have you ever wondered if the strange creatures we sometimes see in the woods or in those scary YouTube videos by Slapped Ham and others might actually be us time traveling from the future? Sounds crazy but as an avid UFO and paranormal enthusiast, it is something I often think about. It has inspired some of my writing and in particular, my Dystopian Paranormal series, Dead Sun. The book hasn't been released yet. The pic is a mock up cover. It is currently with my literary agent. If you are a publisher and interested in the book, please contact me at sara.curranross@gmail.com.

Below, I have included the blurb of the book and a juicy taster of the story. In this excerpt, Clara, the main protagonist, is attacked by flesh eaters from the future who used to be human and receives help from another handsome man who has evolved into a living vampire. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think in the comments. :)

Dead Sun: Lady of Londinium Blurb

1987. Empath Clara Driscoll has been seeing visitors from other dimensions all of her life and has been bullied because of it. Moving North she attends Ravenshead Private School in the beautiful Lake District to continue her A-level studies where several girls have gone missing without a trace. Before Clara can use her gift to find them with the help of her new friend handsome American student, Carter Grayson, whose sister is one of the missing, she is attacked by a group of flesh eating creatures. A gorgeous Dystopian Vampire with long blonde hair, Darius Constantine rescues her and takes her back to his own world, London of the future on an Earth without a sun in darkness, drifting through space.

Londinium is a vast rich colourful layered futuristic Victorian underground city complete with buildings, sky and even a beach without sunlight. Here mutated humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Angel and Demon forms and more live. With the help of Darius and Carter, it is here, Clara searches for the girls who have been sold to Vampires for pure blood and Monks with a terrorist agenda whilst discovering it may not be the first time she has visited Londinium.

But Vampires, zombie flesh eaters, cyborgs and sword wielding Monks aren’t the only hazard. Clara finds herself the object of fascination for the Emperor’s attractive son, Octavius and the alluring dangerous Lord Phraeon alongside Darius and Carter, all ready to compete for the new Lady of Londinium’s hand.

Dead Sun: Lady of Londinium Taster

I heard Maurice bark and then give a high pitched squeal. I’ve never heard anything like it before and I never wanted to again.

“Maurice,” I screamed running forward in the direction of the noise.


I ignored Carter and took off. I was aware of him following but when I was deeper into the woods I suddenly couldn’t hear his footsteps or his voice anymore. I turned around but there was no sign of him. I didn’t have time to stop. Maurice was screaming his lungs out again. Have you ever heard a dog, your adorable pet dog screaming before? It doesn’t sound possible they could do that but they can. Maybe Carter had gone off looking in another direction. I didn’t know. I just had to get to Maurice.

I ran through the Cedar Wood and oak trees out of their shade to come into row after row of tall pine trees. Maurice was in the middle being taunted by . . . I wasn’t quite sure what to call them. Creatures. Creatures out of a horror movie. They were tall… emaciated with slimy skin. I could nearly see their skeletons. There were four. Two of them were more grey than black like the others. Their heads were bulbous without any hair with sunken in eyes. No, they didn’t seem to have any eyes. The sockets were wired together with scarred strands of skin like Davros on Doctor Who. And they smelt of dead flesh. I had to stop and bend over because I was retching. They were all kinds of yuk and made my stomach churn. I really thought I was going to throw up. And they had long sharp incisors and teeth. They kept baring them at my little defenceless dog who did his best to yap at them despite the bleeding bitemarks on his body.

They didn’t wear much. Some black cloak that fastened over their bodies at the shoulder. Like the lizards in my bedroom I’d seen that night, they were bare foot with human like feet but disgusting long toenails that I swear could rip a hole right through you. It was the same on their wizened hands. They stalked Maurice climbing up the trees ready to pounce. I couldn’t understand why they hadn’t finished the job. They saw him as food. Looks like they liked playing with it beforehand. The monsters hissed and spat at him. Every time he tried to run away they pounced in his direction and stopped him. It was cruel and I wasn’t having it.

Without really thinking about what I was doing, only Maurice and saving him on my mind, I ran forward grabbing one of the long branches off the ground as I did and positioned myself in the middle of them all. I picked Maurice up into my arms. Now I just had to work out how the hell I was going to get out of there. It was stupid. All I had to defend myself with was a long stick. I jabbed it at them and shouted for them to get back. What the hell was I going to do against these . . . these things from outer space or somewhere. They inched forward and this time I knew they were coming in for the kill and we were both on the menu. I felt paralysed. We were going to die. Then it happened again. That blue light appeared. It came out of my body.

It was so bright it blinded the dead things and lit up the pine trees even in the early evening sunlight shimmering like orange flower water in between them. It bounced off their bodies and threw them up and back through the air just as it had done to Craig. They landed against the tress and slid down into the undergrowth amongst the pine cones and dead branches to throw back their gross heads and screech like Barn Owls into the forest. If I hadn’t been high on Adrenaline I would have shivered and probably covered my ears it was so piercing and eerie. Smoke was lifting from their bloody charred flesh where the light had burnt them but it had not done enough to stop them coming forward for another try at the kill.

Something made me look up and to the side, to take my eyes off the monsters in front of us. I could feel him. Feel him close, the blonde stranger who had appeared that night in my bedroom. I could see him standing behind some transparent film of light, resembling clear water not far away from me in the forest. He was looking at it curiously on the opposite side to me with his hood up on that long cloak like coat. Wherever he was it was extremely dark and I could not see anything else. It was like a mirror only with different backgrounds. He hadn’t seen me. He tilted his beautiful head to one side confused and raised his hand to press his palm flat against the watery wall.

He moved his hand from side to side making the surface ripple just like water in a pool. As the dead things hissed, their spittle landed on my shirt sleeve making me squirm and hold Maurice tighter. The stranger in a hood put his hand into a fist and thrust it through the barrier. His arm looked disembodied with a mind of its own on my side as he turned it from side to side testing it out. Was he going to help me or not? I couldn’t afford to wait any bloody longer to find out.

“Help,” I screamed as the blue light I had no control over tried to show itself again and then faded out completely.

He heard me immediately and seemed shocked to have done. I let out the breath I was holding seeing him run through the barrier at speed to emerge into the light. Maurice jumped free and away from my arms. One of the monsters leaned over me and opened his decaying mouth and peeled back it’s lips to reveal dirty black gums. Its teeth were much longer than I’d thought. I struggled like a maniac and punched the creature with my fists, the stick having fallen next to me. The thing growled at my face. God, its breath was disgusting. I could have passed out. It was on top of my body pinning me down and I couldn’t do anything to remove it. I couldn’t see my rescuer anywhere. I was giving up on hope on him arriving on time when I saw a flash of blond hair and a hood moving at speed in a blur. Each creature’s head twisted to the side and snapped as though by invisible means and dropped to the ground to roll between the scattered pine cones lying on the forest floor. I couldn’t see anymore because the thing had now pinned me flat and was right in my face trying to take a bite of it. I tossed my head from side to side to stop it, feeling its weight crush my body. It pressed down harder and swiped its sharp nails across the top of my school shirt ripping it and drawing blood. God it stung. Then it wasted no time in sinking its teeth in my right shoulder. I found my voice and let out a scream. At least it was warranted.

My Dystopian looking rescuer, I never knew what to call him, straddled the creature lying on top of me as it started drawing blood out of me. I could feel and hear it sucking. It was horrible. Words can’t explain. It raised its mouth and then lowered its head to bite me again. The blonde young man wrapped his gloved hands around the beast’s throat and twisted its bent head sharply to one side and decapitated the thing. He threw the head to one side as its gross body fell dead on top of me. The man pulled it off me and tossed it into the pile he’d already made of the others’ dead carcasses.

He moved to one side and lowered his body onto his haunches and removed his hood allowing that luscious blonde hair to fall down his shoulders and chest. I’d raised my hand wanting to hold the throbbing wound but it hovered over the bite shaking instead. I was a bit frightened to touch it. I felt awful, sick and woozy. Maurice was standing at the opposite side barking over me. The man removed his glove and held my wrist to stop me as I lowered it towards the bleeding wound.

“Do not touch it,” he was speaking in that quaint posh Victorian way like he had that night in my bedroom. He caught hold of my wrist to stop me. My whole body trembled with pain and shock as I looked up at him.

“You don’t recognise me, do you?” I said in a hoarse whisper.

“Should I?” he asked indifferent still holding my hand.

“Five nights ago, you came to me and helped when Lizard men attacked. Who wouldn’t remember that? Then last night I saw you . . .In that pub or whatever it was and you looked at me.”

“I do not know what you are talking about. I have never been to this world. Last night I saw something but it was like the portal I have just come through and nothing more. I did not see you. Now hush. This wound must be tended to or the poison will take hold and you will die.”

“But the other night. You spoke to me, helped me. It was you. Why don’t you remember? And what do you mean die? I’m not ready to die I am too young.”

Adrenaline spiked.

I sounded breathless. My eyes rolled. God, I felt awful.

He pulled my shirt open at the collar to look at the wound.

“It is deep.”

“What was it?” I asked feeling delirious and all over the place with my vision.

“A Flesh Eater.”

“A what?”

“You do not have them here?”

“A flesh eater? And here was me thinking it was Alice Cooper on a bad day.”

“Who is this Alice Cooper? Does she eat flesh as well?”

“You are serious, aren’t you? Who are you? Where are you from? What are you talking about? Cannibals? I was bitten by a cannibal.”

“I do not know what a Cannibal is. This was a flesh eater. One of the worst human mutations. I have seen them pick the bones of a man clean in minutes. They were playing with you.”

“That’s horrible and it was some kind of human?”

Now he was ripping open my shirt and gazing down at the scratch marks with a frown. He could see my bra now. I would have blushed scarlet if I had been able to.

“What is this place?” he asked. “This strange light and the fire ball in the sky? It is so green and not white or frozen yet it feels familiar.”

“It’s Earth. That last time I saw you it looked as though you came from another dimension yet you look and feel human in my mind,” I answered trying to lift my head.

“I am human. Lie still,” he said pushing it back down gently. “I must examine your injury more closely to see how far the parasites have buried in your flesh.”


“When the flesh eater bites it releases a symbiotic parasite in its saliva. Their bodies are full of them. They destroy what they perceive as toxins to the flesh eater. Parasites release a poison into the blood which slowly kills the person allowing the vermin to take their time in eating. That is why it was sucking your blood in the first instance. However, another mutation in the human DNA in the last hundred years has allowed some of the Flesh Eaters to devour their prey more quickly without this and the parasite now voraciously races against time with the Eater to consume the body itself from the inside out.”

“Oh God. I am going to die.”

“Not if I can help it. I can remove the poison if you keep still.”

“What happened to Carter? Did they attack Carter?”

“There is someone else?”

I closed my eyes feeling like I was going to be sick and pass out. I opened them again to see another man dressed similarly with lovely long dark brown hair containing a hint of red.

“Lord Protector, may I be of assistance?” he asked.

“Yes, Tiberius. There is another in need of help. Find this Carter and bring him to me.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“If he has been bitten you will need to take the poison from him.”

Tiberius nodded motioning to another man who had followed him through the portal to follow him.

“Thank you. You said human?” I continued.

“Yes, I am human. What are you? Where is this?” he said ripping my shirt so that my bra was completely exposed. I was already too hot and beginning to sweat on my forehead for me to tell if I was definitely now blushing. He put the back of his hand on my forehead. It was cool, almost ice cold compared to my burning forehead and so gentle. It was nice to make physical contact with the man I had been drawing for so long. Looking up at him, I realised I had every detail of him perfect.

“This is Earth. You don’t belong here. Where are you from? What dimension?”

“You have a fever. Your body is fighting them. The parasites have dug deeper than I initially believed. No, it isn’t. I come from Earth but there is no light like this. I came through a portal. This cannot be Earth.’

“I am telling you it is and don’t you know about the sun?”

He looked up through the trees at the sunlight starting to lower in the sky blinking and frowning as though the light was hurting his eyes.

“The fireball in the sky is the sun? What is the sun? The Earth has no sun.”

“What are you? Dumb? Of course, it has a sun. We wouldn’t survive without it. At least that is what I have been taught at school. What were you taught? What the hell is that in the sky if we don’t? I feel so sick and faint.”

“It is more than likely you will lose consciousness at some point. I will need to draw the poison out before I can take you to a healer.”

“How are you going to do that? Bite it out like the movies?” I tried to laugh feeling out of control like I was tipsy or something but it hurt too much.

He raised an eyebrow at me. He opened his mouth and displayed his teeth. Before my eyes the two prominent incisors on his pearly white teeth lengthened as if by magic. I hadn’t seen teeth like that since watching the vampires on Hammer House of Horror.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re a bloody vampire.”

I sat up and attempted to move backwards on my elbows away from him. I wasn’t sure how far I would get I felt so weak. But the thought of being bitten again was too much.

He gave me an impatient look and grabbed my ankle. He pulled and I found myself flat on the ground back where I started.

“This must be done. Do you not understand?”

“Let me go,” I shouted. I wasn’t thinking straight, clearly.

“No. You are injured and if the bite is not taken care of you will die. I will take you by force, if I have to. You will not die. I am the Lord Protector it is my duty to ensure your safety.”

“The what? Oh, God I am going to be sick.”

“You are wasting time.”

I turned to the side trying to crawl away. There had to be some other way . . . Big mistake.

I saw one of the flesh eater’s heads nearby. There were black beetles crawling over all over it and there were flies everywhere. Vomit rose fast and I threw up. God, how embarrassing.

“It is the poison. Your body is trying to eliminate it. It will not succeed without help. My vision allows me to see deep inside your body. The parasites are nearing your heart. I must act now.”

“You look just like the man in my drawings,” I said drowsily lying flat again. I no longer had control of my body. I had to go through with this vampire bite thing whether I liked it or not.

“Are you going to make me a vampire?” I asked as he bent his head ready to accept the worst. Life in any form was preferable to death I suppose. I wasn’t ready to leave Mum or Maurice.

I felt a tear roll down the sound of my face. I couldn’t move at all now as he lowered his mouth.

“Hush,” he soothed me. “I do not know what you talk of.”

“What is your name?”

“Darius. Lord Darius Constantine.”

He lowered his beautiful lips to my shoulder wound and opened his mouth wide then sank his teeth deep into the bite. I passed out uttering a loud cry. A few minutes later I woke to sucking noises. Looking to the side all I could see was a mop of ash blonde hair. My body felt numb and I couldn’t have moved even if I had wanted to. Maurice had lain down next to me on the opposite side of my head. He rested his chin on his paws in front of him and looked on at me with concern in his soulful black eyes.

“I’m ok, Maurice. I’m ok,” I tried to soothe in a hoarse voice.

Darius lifted his head and wiped my blood from his mouth with the back of his arm and closed his mouth taking the hint that his incisors were bothering me. I started to shake like a pneumatic drill and couldn’t stop. I lost consciousness for a short while again.

“Good you are awake. I was unable to remove all of the poison but I stopped it from reaching your heart for now.”

Opening my eyes wide, I looked down at the wound on my shoulder and saw that it had been bandaged with some sort of black cloth Darius must have taken from his own clothing or been carrying with him.

“I know of a healer who will be able to take the rest of the poison before it takes hold again but we must hurry,” he told me firmly removing his long coat. He draped it over me and wrapped it around my shaking body before reaching for my shoulders. Darius pulled me up making me cry out with the pain. He swept his arm around my waist and another underneath my legs to lift my shaking body up into his arms. Shame I was in such a state I wanted to enjoy the experience of being in his arms.

“I dreamt about this many a time since your visit to my room.”

He looked down at me in his arms and raised one eyebrow at me again.

“Ooh you look sexy when you do that. Did I really say that out loud? I feel drunk. Is this what it feels like to be drunk?”

“Another effect of the poison,” he said softly.

Maurice was barking again not liking Darius holding me captive in his arms. He snapped around the Lord Protector’s heels doing his best to defend me.

Darius fixed his icy blue stare on Maurice.

“Go home. She is safe.”

Maurice whimpered and sat down to show obedience to the compulsion Darius threw at him.

“Go,” Darius ordered.

Maurice got up and ran in the direction of home. I hoped he would make it ok. Dogs always have a good sense of direction. Mum was going to worry but there was nothing I could do.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked breathlessly pressing my hand against his chest covered in a mixture of hot black leather and close fitting thin futuristic armour. I couldn’t help it. The man was hot and ticking all of my boxes.

If you got this far. Well done. Lol. Sounds like it might be your type of story. :).

Before you go, let me know what type of evolved human you would like to turn into the future.

Stay safe and take care. :)


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